Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens Melbourne


Our installation service of privacy screens in Melbourne is not solely focused on functionality. We understand that these screens should also help with your garden’s overall aesthetics. Yes, privacy screens can shield you from the prying eyes of neighbours in close proximity and create boundaries between different areas. These screens line fences, shield pool equipment, and hide water tanks and other plumbing areas. And yes, they can also protect you from many other elements. But it does not mean that if they can do all these, they do not have to look good at the same time!

Here at Curlyz Landscaping, function is always top priority but so is form. We do not just build structures that work well but also look amazing. So, your balcony privacy screen or garden privacy screen do not just have to create privacy, but can also be visually pleasing garden backdrops, added aesthetic elements to decks and patios, or can be made into a tranquil area where you can rest and relax in your outdoor area.

Durable Outdoor Privacy Screen

We create durable outdoor privacy screens using a variety of high-quality materials including timber, bamboo, steel, as well as shrubs and plants. Whatever your style, we can create the perfect pleasing solution to privacy with that added wow factor!

So, if you are looking to install screens that are not only durable enough to function well for a long time but also add some visual appeal and style to your space, reach out to us. We will help you build any design or outdoor privacy screen ideas you have.

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