Garden Excavation Cranbourne


Anyone can dig holes. But no one can do garden excavation in Cranbourne quite like us! For us at Curlyz Landscaping, digging is both an art and a science. We don’t consider large excavators as blunt equipment but rather instruments that dig with precision down to the last millimetre. This ensures that there are no mistakes and costs are minimised. And, of course, a clean and precise dig for drainage or garden is a thing of beauty that we consider art!

A quick and efficient service takes years of experience to perfect and we have highly trained and skilled professionals to do it for you. Our team of licenced Bobcat excavators are like ground scientists that turn our 1.5-tonne excavator into a precision tool. Thus, we can do any dig correctly and effectively. And what do you get in return? We save you more time and money so you can move to the next phase of your project.

Garden Excavation Melbourne

Our excavator at Curlyz Landscaping fits down most residential sideways, allowing us to execute quality garden excavation in Melbourne, even from narrow access points. This means your dream of brining in or removing earth can be achieved to help lay the foundation for your new outdoor area. Get in touch and we will help you with the best way to excavate dirt for patio or garden drainage system. Let us show you what fast and efficient excavation services looks like.